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bed-bug-pest-control-dallas-fort-worth-truck-picHow to stop bed bugs in Dallas Texas: Are bed bugs bigger in Texas? Are there more or less bed bugs in Texas than other states? If you have any questions about bed bugs or if you are wondering if you may have bed bugs call Ameri-Tech for a free consultation. Ameri-Tech Bed Bug treatment serves the greater Dallas Fort Worth Metroplax and can usually be at your home or business in about an hour. why wait days and weeks for an out of area pest control company. Ameri-Tech pest control company has served over 50,000 customers since 1982. Bed bug problems have exploded over the past few years, as travelers pick them up in hotel and motel rooms through out the nation and over seas. These little pests hitchhike in luggage mostly unnoticed. They will quickly infest an home or office. If you think that you may have a bed bug or tick infestation call for a free inspection.

Bed Bugs Problems: Unfortunately bed bugs are active at night and have the ability to bite a person without being noticed. One who has been bitten, wakes up in the morning with red welts where the bug drew blood. bed-bug-dallas-fort-worth-wikipedia-picThese bites can result in different types of skin rashes, they can be accompanied with allergic symptoms and other problems. Bed bugs get there name from their preference of living in and near the bed, where they can feast on the occupants in the night. As more and more people are getting educated and are looking for these critters, it is absolutely essential that your motel or hotel has been inspected and if there is any sign of bed bugs treatment must start immediately and with regular inspections they can be irradiated. In some cases, bed bugs are brought into an office by an unsuspecting traveler, as they spread, the office needs to be treated and all of the employees homes need to be treated. If you would like a free inspection  and consultation please call Ameri-Tech Pest Control anytime.

Business Trip With Bed Bugs: Recently a sales person returned to the office after a stay in another city meeting with clients. The  sales person did not understand a strange rash that started to appear within day or so after the sales trip. After checking with his doctor he found out he had been bitten by bed bugs probably when he stayed over night at the motel. After telling his boss about what happened, the boss called a pest control company to treated the sales persons home, the office and all the employees homes to make sure none of the eggs were transferred to any ones home as a result of the bed bugs and eggs carried on the sales person. If you suspect you may have an infestation call for a free estimate and inspection.

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We service these cities in and around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Pest Control Service: If you think you have an infestation in a home apartment or office building we can find them and treat them usually the same day. Do not wait for an out of area pest control company. Ameri-Tech has been serving these cities for over 30 years call now Dallas TX  214-504-2875 | Fort Worth TX  817-381-2468. Ameritech Auto Repairs Service if Fort Worth TX.

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