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Monthly Archives: March 1006

I have bed bugs. I get multiple bites on my hands almost every night.

I have enclosed the boxspring with a latex cover, but the bites continue. I've sprayed with Home Depot insecticide, which says on the bottle that it kills bedbugs. I've sprayed every inch of my bedroom with this junk, multiple MULTIPLE times, including spraying the mattress. I've also done the routine of washing all bedding in hot water (I do it just about weekly).

I've spent so much money on this, it's ridiculous, from replacing pillows to paying exterminators to buying mattress enclosures. Do I really have to just accept that insects dine on my blood nightly and smear it on my sheets as they depart? Do I have to move and trash all furniture and belongings? Should I go to bed in a beekeeper's suit? What's a guy to do?

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