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Monthly Archives: August 2008

My one roommate definitely has evidence of bed bugs in his room and has since gotten rid of his mattress and box spring. My question is how easily can the move to other rooms of the house? And if I have not noticed any evidence of them in my room, is there chances that they are still there? The rooms are about 20 feet apart separated by a large open area with clothes closets in between.

A professional pest control company found some bed bugs in our bed room and has quoted me over $1100 ($900 first application, $200 second) to get the job done. This seems like highway robbery, given that they will spend at most 4 hours doing the job!

What is the going rate to treat one room for bed bug treatment ? I have no preference between heat or chemical treatments. I live in Southern California.

i found like 4 bed bugs in my house. my link apartment neibghor had bed bugs and they moved out like a week ago. now i guess the beg bugs got in my house through the vents. I heard there is a spry i can us to get rid of them. Can someone recommend something? Please help

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