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Monthly Archives: March 2009

My boyfriend lives in an apartment building. Over the past few months I notices bumps all over my body and becoming very itchy over night. We did find that the apartment has bed bugs and I may have possibly been taking them home with me unknowingly to my house. I saw a total of 6-7 bedbugs in my house. Does that mean my house id infested?? Also we bought tons of bed bug spray and bombs. I have not got bitten in the last two-three days so does that mean it worked??

the pest control aprayed my house yest. due to a bed bug infestation. my bed was already gone when they sprayd my house. but last night i saw a couple of them still alive on the walls. today in the morning i also saw one. is this normal? do they die that slow? or should i call again the pest control guy (they will spray my house again next friday) asking him why i am still seing them alive… ??????? please help im desperate, if you have had this problem can you give me some tips to get rid of them faster… thanks all

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