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Monthly Archives: February 2010

I have just recently discovered I have a room that is home to bed bugs. I found tiny bed bug bites all over my body in various places. I want to get rid of these pests at once, not a hit and miss try. My mom has told me to wash all of my sheets, bedding, and my dog's bedding. and to also vaccuum the entire room. Will this help? ive been informed that JUST washing the sheets and mattress (which she didnt suggest) isnt enough. Please help me!

I have two swollen insect bites in my forearm. There are hot, swollen and feels a little bit hard. There are itching as well. And it seems to be kind of growing.

The bites:…

I marked them with a red pen to see if the its still extending.

I just wanna know if these could be Bed Bug bites because I never saw them so huge on any pictures.

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