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Monthly Archives: August 2010

For the past several nights and even during the day I feel small pinprick like bites in various spots on my body…mostly around the face area. I don't see any visible bite marks, but still feel like there is something on my skin. At night in bed I feel this all through the night..again mostly on and around my face area. My dog seems to be affected in the same way visibly scratching around the eyes, nose and muzzle. I can find no evidence of lice, fleas, or bed bugs so far, but there something definitely crawling and biting me. Could someone shed some light on this for me and perhaps offer a solution to the problem?? Thanks.

I brought bed bugs back with my blanket from Amsterdam and they've been BITING me 🙁 Do I need to wash my bedding with special soap? Do I need to wash anything else? I've been sleeping on the couch and I don't get bitten there.

Next week we are going to be staying at extended stay hotel in Mpls because we will be on vacation for more than a week. My question is with all the things I have heard about bed bugs being a growing problem, how worried should I actually be? Never thought about it before I saw it on the news and I know how hard it was to get rid of fleas when I didn't realize my cat that I had brought them home. How can you tell if a hotel has them?

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