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hi all, and thank you in advance!!! 10 days ago i woke up with multiple- what i thought were spider bites- in a somewhat jagged row on my body. they wre large welts (three to be exact) and painful just like a spider bite, and i had slept with the window open so i figured a spider had come in. As well, that day my husband had just deployed to a combat zone (military) and my stress and anxiety level were at a max.
48 hrs later the "spider bites" had become itchy and i noticed a small, itchy rashy starting on my neck… pls note the bites were on my leg. i attributed the rash to extreme stress, as i have had a "stress rash" before when under great stress. About 4 days after the rash appeared, and 6 days after the bites appeared, I finally went to the doc and got started on hydrocortizone cram, benedryl, and 4mg of prednisone, since the rash was very intense. I was swollen, puffy, my skin somewhat dimples from the bumps and extremely itchy!
Now, 5 days after starting meds, about 10 from first bite, i am no better… so while searching for reasons why my hives are not being cured with meds, i ran into some bed bug info, immediatly freaking out upon remember the "spider" bites- three in a jagged row to be clear.
If anyone can help with some good bed bug knowledge, i would be so greatful! i can deal with chronic hives, as long as it is not bedbugs!!! Please note, i have NOT changed any routine, soap, NOTHING! i AM under immense stress, i have NOT been anywhere nor exposed to anyone with bedbugs and i HAVE had others in my bed who did NOT gets bites. (my girlfriends)
I can deal with nasty, no reason hives, but at this point im beginning to wonder if it is bed bugs… Or am i just having many things go wrong at once?
SORRY SO LONG! thaank you so very, very much in advance!

I am planning to make an international flight into the US. I know there is an outbreak of bed bugs in the US and honestly, a little concerned about one getting into my suitcase or on my clothes from the seat.

Does anyone have any actual information on prevention? Can they crawl into a zipper, or enter the suitcase another way? Are there any preventive measures I can take?

All advice appreciated, thanks!

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