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Monthly Archives: February 2011

two nights ago while i was sleeping i must have been bitten by some insect. i have maybe 10 bites in total from that night, ranging from my arms to my feet. they kinda look like mosquito bites, but very small, just like a pimple without the puss, they are painful when i press down on them and are kind of itchy… i've tried looking on my bed for bed bugs but i can't see anything, so i was wondering if they were, and if so what can i do about it ?


So the unit neighbouring me was infested with bedbugs during Christmas. I am unsure of how many treatments they've received thus far, but as a precaution the Pest Control company is spraying my unit (I have not seen any bedbugs in my unit, or signs thereof). To prepare, of course, we've had to do the standard things (wash, vacuum, move furniture).

I understand the precaution, but I do not want to live in what now looks like a storage shed for the next two weeks. If they tell me they'd like to do a followup, what sort of preparation does that entail?

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