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Monthly Archives: August 2011

I had went to this hotel and stayed a week and have got tons of bed bug bites, i've been using Hydrocorizone cream but now the bumps are getting scabs and are really dark and i accidentally scratched one and it started bleeding. Also, my aunt is saying she's suing the hotel is that even logical.

I'm currently not working and can not afford much of anything.. Therefore, I can not afford an exterminator or even plastic bed covers.

What I have bought is hot shot bed bug and flea aerosol spray.
My concern is using it on my mattress.
I do not own and can not afford a steam cleaner.
Is it safe to spray hot shot on your mattresses and just let it dry and vacuum?
Is it safe to spray on clothes in your home? (not the clothes you're wearing, but the ones in your closet, drawers, ect.)

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