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For more please visit: – comments are moderated! Follow us on Twitter http – Every year pet owners suffer the same frustrations. Warmer weather means more parasites, especially fleas! And, despite good, veterinary approved products, some pets are still subjected to these nasty bugs! What can we do to stop the infestation? Fleas are truly a pet owner’s curse and worst nightmare. Designed to survive and efficient at reproducing, these blood-sucking pests can quickly overrun house and home! In addition to causing misery for our pets, fleas have the potential to carry serious, even deadly diseases. In order to defeat this enemy, we need to understand their life cycle and dispel persistent myths that lead to ineffective flea control. For every adult flea seen on a dog or cat, there are about 95 other fleas in various life stages (eggs, larvae and pupae) around the pet’s environment. The failure to address the juvenile life stages is a primary reason why owners never seem to win any battles against fleas. People also misunderstand how adult fleas interact with pets. Once an adult flea finds your pet, there is very little short of death that will remove that flea from your dog or cat. People want to believe that fleas jump from pet to pet, like it is often depicted in cartoons. The fact is once a flea starts taking a blood meal from an animal, the flea will die within two hours if removed from the pet. Pets acquire fleas by picking them up from the

Bedbugs are a growing concern for many commercial enterprises and homeowners. Due to the discontinued use of some pesticides and more frequent travel to 3rd world countries, bedbugs have made a big comeback here in Hawaii. Bedbugs feed off humans like fleas feed on cats. Although they are not vectors of disease, they can cause skin irritation and can quickly produce an unappealing environment. Although Waikiki has traditionally been a bedbug hotspot, we have found cases in homes from Hawaii Kai to Pupukea. Bedbugs are so invasive, that they take much more thorough treatment than most pests. Many exterminators won’t even deal with them because they’re so hard to control. A big part of control has to do with catching the infestation early. Bedbugs generally will be introduced into a structure through luggage, used furniture, or from storing or moving your belongings in an infested truck or container. If you think you may have bedbugs, call us today at 236-2847. We offer the best Oahu pest control services.

Ticks are small blood-feeding parasites that can transmit diseases to people. At esparza pest control in mcallen we can get rid of them for sure. Some types of ticks perch on the edge of low-lying vegetation and grab onto animals, and people, as they brush past. Other ticks are associated with rodents and their nests and may only come out at night to feed. Once aboard, ticks crawl until they find a good spot to feed, then burrow their mouthparts into the skin for a blood meal. Their bodies slowly enlarge to accommodate the amount of blood ingested. Ticks feed anywhere from several minutes to several days depending on their species, life stage, and type of host. If you experience this problem or your pets are been attacked by them, do not hesitate in calling us or schedule service. We are the solution. Serving the valley for more than 50 years. Mission, Harlingen, McAllen, Brownsville, Laredo, Weslaco, Donna, Edinburg.

Looking for a new approach to pest control? Turn to the professionals at Braman Pest Control. With offices across Southern New England, this team of biologists, entomologists and field technicians offer a scientific approach to removing bugs for good, and their comprehensive services can be scaled to meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers. They treat for ants, cockroaches, bees, wasps, bed bugs and rodents. Call for a free estimate. Visit us

How to fog with organic Best Yet. Boston, chicago, cincinnati, cleveland, columbus, dayton, ddt, denver, detroit, indianapolis, los angeles, louisville, new york, philadephia, cleveland ohio united states travel, new york ny, philadelphia pa. to get rid of all the invading pests using Best Yet: an all green, deadly organic pesticide, cincinati, bed bugs. There are different types of roaches, to get rid of most of them is removing food source and do a perimeter spray with a safe CedarCide product.

They told us in the past that pesticides like DDT were safe to kill bugs, including bed bugs. But they turned out to be carcinogenic. ThermaPureHeat CEO Dave Hedman asks that, in light of the bedbug epidemic facing the US today, why would people let pest control companies spray toxic chemicals and powders (which don’t kill bed bugs and their eggs without multiple applications) on your bed and bedding when there’s a new, green, chemical-free and laboratory tested safe and effective way to kill bed bugs? It’s a single heat treatment, normally taking just a few hours, that kills bed bugs and their eggs and does not harm the structure or the contents.

Silverfish bug treatments are big endeavors, and they start with gaining an understanding of the biology and habits of silverfish. Learn about examining areas of moisture for silverfish nests with help from a pest control company in this free video on killing silverfish bugs. Expert: Pete LaQuaglia Bio: Pete LaQuaglia is the owner and operator of PestFreeGoGreen. He uses organic and natural ways to get rid of insects. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

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