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For more news and videos visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ http Add us on Facebook ☛ With food security a growing concern and agricultural land in short supply, the Agritech Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel, is introducing some agricultural innovations. Here’s a quick look at some of this year’s exhibits. Managing your garden by remote-control might sound like a gardener’s dream. Today it can be done as easily as checking your email. [Sharon Ben-Bassat, Sales Manager, Calgon Company]: “The user logs on through the internet with their name and password, and can change the volume of irrigation from his armchair. We are connected to meteorological websites so we can adjust the irrigation based on the amount of water that the plant has lost.” Follow-up and management of the irrigation can be done through a Smartphone. While many view organic agriculture as a symbol of modernization, Palestinian company Canaan Fair Trade proves the opposite. This company represents 43 small agricultural farms which have been using sustainable methods to cultivate olives and other fruit for hundreds of years. [Nasser AbuFarhat, CEO, Canaan Fair Trade, Genin]: “Most of our traditional farms are still organic by nature. So it’s a matter of fulfilling the regulation and documentation for the certification that gives the small farmers an edge and an added value in the international market. Well I think that the main thing that we do is to combine between environment and

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