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Bed Bugs in MA. How do I know if I have BedBugs (bed bugs)? Call Advantage Pest Control at 978-526-4567 to get rid of Bed Bugs on the North Shore MA area. Bed Bug bites can be difficult to distinguish from other insect bites. Bed Bug bites usually are itchy, red, often with a darker red spot in the middle and are usually located on the face, neck, arms and hands. See a doctor if you believe you are being bitten by bed bugs and contact Advantage Pest Control to have them exterminated. You can often see blood staining in the sheets and bed bug fecal matter in the crevices of your mattress. Bed bugs fecal matter resembles coffee grounds. Advantage Pest Control removes bed bugs in Essex County MA Amesbury MA | Andover MA | Ballardvale MA | Beverly MA | Beverly Farms | Boxford MA | Bradford MA | Byfield MA | Cape Ann MA | Danvers MA | Essex MA | Georgetown MA | Gloucester MA | Groveland MA | Hamilton MA | Hathorne MA | Haverhill MA | Ipswich MA | Lawrence MA | Lynn MA | Lynnfield MA |Magnolia MA | Manchester-by-the-Sea MA | Marblehead MA | Merrimac MA | Methuen MA | Middleton MA | Nahant MA | Newbury MA | Newburyport MA | North Andover MA | Peabody MA | Plum Island MA | Prides Crossing MA | Rockport MA | Rowley MA | Salem MA | Salisbury MA | Salisbury Beach MA | Saugus MA | South Hamilton MA | Swampscott MA | Topsfield MA | Wenham MA | West Boxford MA | West Newbury Massachusetts

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Park Slope Pest Control is a 24 hour exterminator service located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Although we specialize in bed bug treatments, we also provide many other exterminating services, such as ants, mosquitoes, rats, spiders, and fleas! Give us a call today to take care of all your pest control needs!

o Welcome to Abell’s Client preparation checklist for the control of bed bugs in your home. o The following presentation will review the necessary steps required to make your upcoming Bed Bug treatment will be the most successful as possible. o Before we begin, please take a moment to download the checklist version of this video at, while you’re on the web page please click on the link called CLIENT PREPARATION CHECKLIST FOR THE CONTROL OF BED BUGS. o Let’s begin with some household items you’ll need for the preparation. A “flat Head” screwdriver, 5 to 10 garbage bags, a pen or pencil to mark off items from the checklist. o Starting in the bedroom we’ll first remove any television sets from the wall units and unplug all electronic items, like clock radios and lamps. o Remove all electrical wall plates, phone jack plates and light switch covers. o For proper treatment, all these items should remain in the bedroom area. o Make sure the laundry machine is empty of any previous wash before we start the laundering procedure. o Remove all your bedding and pillows, and place them in the garbage bags. o NOTE: Articles under the beds provide an ideal place for bedbugs to hide. All clothing or garments loose around the room must be bagged and laundered. All other objects that were previously stored under the bed should not be moved as bedbugs may be relocated into other areas of the structure. o At this time, all clothing should now be in securely tied

Stayed at a hotel (marriott) today. Flew home. Noticed this on my ankles opposite from each other (both on the inside of the leg) as I got undressed to shower for bed. I am terrified at the thought these could be bites. Please look and give ou opinion. I have washed all clothing it hit water and dried it for 30 min. This is stills problem though because I transported everything in my car. Please help!!!!…

The special sticky tape is patent pending and bed bugs can crawl on any well known double sided sticky tape, so that experts never had a chance to try.
– there are many forms of glue on a paper strip, it will be interesting to see whats being patented, the glue, the paper, the combination, who knows.

Only the barrier method and heating entire house method can stop bed bug bites immediately,
– oh so now we are only stopping the bites, sorry thought we were after the infestation. This would be bites in bed ? – on proviso there are no eggs in bed etc etc
– presumably we are stopping bites by having killed all eggs and bedbugs around the bed, anywhere we sit for any time etc and then putting barrier tape around these places – lol
– have I mentioned how many bed bugs we have found in wardrobes before, or the ones that were found in shoe boxes, – must have been our imagination.

but the efficiency of the first method is much higher than the second method based on the cost and result.
– to do what? Do you live in a single room with no possessions other than a bed on posts to protect?

If bed bugs can crawl from your neighbors, the heating method fails;
– heat may drive bedbugs out of the infested area, but usually they would look at starting from outside in – this is not my area of expertise.
– in same way bombing pushes bedbugs outwards – so expanding perimeter of infestation.

– but it does not change the conclusion of No More Bed Bug Bites after 3 hrs of Easy Effort by the sticky barrier method. Many people have confirmed that barrier method works by sleeping in a bathtub which is too slippery to crawl.
– you are funny

Most people believe that buying mattress encasement is essential because chemical can’t reach inside of mattress.
– NO – because most bedbugs are in a very close proximity of the bed (if this is the infested area) as part of the treatment plan the bedbug mattress cover will contain any possible bedbug eggs missed. But even more importantly does not offer any easy harbourage spots, and allows for easier identification of any further infestation problems.

It is no longer right. As shown in the video, the bed sized trap seals all of bed bugs in a bedroom instead of sealing mattress only.
– last time i checked out your video it was a pile of rot, maybe it has improved since, i will check.
– NO

Tent and window screen are the best to fight with mosquitoes. Bed bugs can’t fly or jump, the patent pending sticky tape is the best to solve the bed bug problem immediately.
– thats right they are crawling insects, but they do climb, and gravity is an amazing thing.

Don’t waste your time to wash, vacuum, spray everywhere every day and let bed bugs lay eggs faster than the killing speed.
– Yes cleanliness and house keeping is a complete waste of time – what good would that do – you are funny, and of course the eggs aren't destroyed in a hot wash

All of the chemical or spray methods are as stupid as a mosquito method which opens windows, let mosquitoes fly in, and sprays chemicals daily to reduce bites while a closing window option is available.
– really don't understand your meaning here. But i'm sure I will disagree on this too.

Dahli – you still pushing glue on a paper strip as the be all and end all of bed bugs. – YOU must have shares in this still not yet patented product – what is the problem on the patent?
Despite all the $$$$ hotels have to spend on a bed bug infestation we are still awaiting the patent on your wonder treatment – too funny.

Your tenants will not complain after 3 hours of easy effort.
– only 3 hours?? Dependent upon size and location of infestation this may be correct
– The good thing is you are at least putting time to the problem, unlike a lot of uneducated pest controllers, who just spray or bomb

Bed bugs only suck blood as food. Each one may reproduce 1,000 offspring before it dies.
– They lay between 2 and 5 eggs a day
– They feed once a week (7 to 10 days)
– active for 15 minutes including the feeding and length of time to travel to and from feed site

Bed bugs are so small and hide in everywhere. If a method only kills 99.9% bed bugs, they will definitely come back.
– Absolutely, thats why every crack needs to be checked.

I solved bed bug problem after 3 hours of easy job because I did not receive any bed bug bite and did not perform extra daily effort after I built sticky barriers to protect top of bed, ceiling above the bed, tables, chairs, clothes, and shoes as shown in the video and attached text.
– LUCKY you

I found that most bed bugs starved within 3 months confirmed by catching bugs in a glass bottle.
– if your infestation was cleared with the glue on a paper strip why were you still catching bed bugs up to 3 months later?

Don’t be misled that bed bugs may live for one year without blood food.
– of course not, the people studying them are very imaginative and don't know what they are talking about, put your faith in Dahli !!!

Bed bugs die quickly at room temperatures when they actively crawl for seeking food attracted by smell of sleeping people.
– ?????? What, so a bed bug dies on its way to the feed site – so what is the problem, as we know they travel from a feed site to a point of harbourage immediately post feeding, good news is they will die in a weeks time when they try to return – lol

The method never fails because it is not important what percent of bed bugs will be trapped. Even every bed bug is very smart and will not touch the sticky tape and be trapped; you have solved the problem after 3 hours of easy job.
– No doubting a bedbug will get stuck in a glue trap, providing its sticky and it trys to cross it.

Why do experts never think about the sticky barrier method?
– You are obviously an exceptional genius that should be offered a Nobel prise for bedbug elimination, after which you could go on and solve the problems of Malaria?
– They do, they are used for the monitoring of an infestation before and after infestations to ensure treatment has been successful and as an early warning for re-infestation.

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