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Brought to you by the National Pest Management Association. Join us on a fast-paced, educational trip through the history of bed bugs and the recent resurgence. This video will teach you how to be vigilant to minimize your risk of encountering bed bugs and how to effectively deal with this resilient pest if you have an infestation. Visit for more information and please share this with others. Public awareness is key in controlling bed bug infestations. At A Pest & Termite Management Specialists we utilize integrated techniques to manage pests that seek to invade your home or business. Dedicated to reducing pest populations in your home or business, our experienced technicians are all extremely reliable, efficient, and professional. We believe that our service is only as good as our technicians, so we constantly train and update to keep ahead of the changes in our industry. This results in bringing you the latest methods of pest management at the best prices available! For more information about pests and what A Pest & Termite Management Specialists can do for you, give us a call today! 12551707 Termite Pest Control, Rodent Control, Roach & Pest Control, Bed Bug Exterminating, Pest, Flynn, Texas, KHOU

Independent Pest Control has served commercial, industrial and residential customers throughout Colorado for close to five years. Their services include standard pest control, specializing in the elimination of bed bugs and termites. Serving customers throughout Colorado Springs CO, Pueblo CO, Castle Rock CO, and Monument CO. Visit us

This video describes ways in which bedbugs make their way into your house and tips how to avoid them. Also demonstrates new utilities now available in the market to get rid of bedbugs. This video pinpoints the harbourage in houses where bedbugs love to hide so that you can physically remove them. About us: Protex Pest Control Services Ltd provides pest control services across London for professional clients and homeowners. Talk to Protex Pest Control’s friendly, knowlegable staff by calling 020 8361 7467 or emailing [email protected] For more updates about Tips, News, Facts, Identification, Control and Prevention Of Pest. Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin:

People all react to bedbug bites uniquely. Some will have no reaction, others will get severe ones. If there are any bedbugs in your house at all, it is wise to check every room in the house for them. We’re going to talk a little bit about bedbug bites. Now, this is quite an extreme case, but again, people react differently. So, what you’ve got here is a cut away of someone’s neck and shoulders. Again, this would tie in with the fact that they’re honing in your CO2. What I will say though, a word of warning – not everyone reacts to the bites. Some people have no reaction at all. So, if you’re living in a house, where you’ve got 3 or 4 people in different rooms, and 3 of the rooms are covered in bites, like this person here, but the other 4th person is completely not bitten, no sign of any bites, it’s not a true indication of whether or not they’ve got bedbugs. You would still want to survey that room because some people just don’t react to the bite. You know, it affects different people in different ways. So, you know that’s an extreme example. Some people might get a little, minor irritation. Some people can react even worse than this. But, I say, it’s all down to the individual. But, make sure if you’ve got a house with 3 or 4 people sharing, make sure you check every room. The person would say, “No, I’m not getting bit. ” Don’t rely on that. Make sure you check it out. Have a look. Look for the tell-tale signs. Look for the spotting on the frame. Look for the spotting

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