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This is my first time posting – I guess I am desperate.

I currently moved back at home with my parents, since I am in the middle of graduate school and need to save money.They have had bed bugs for two years now. With my brother moving out this month for college, I am going to be stuck dealing with this horrible things. WHY? My parents just get angry and say things like, "what do you want me to do? I already had someone spray here." I don't think my parents are very understanding about this bed bug situation. It is so gross, I can't sleep at night, and I have work almost every day.

My parents are the definition of stubborn. And while no one in the house (including my dog) gets bit, they just see it as me complaining and being overly dramatic. I have slept on my chair with my head down on the desk for the past two days because I saw a live bug on my mattress. Granted I have a mattress cover it scares the hell out of me. Where did it even come from? I don't feel comfortable, and want to move out already. It has been less than a week.

Someone help! I need suggestions as to how to bring this up AGAIN without them getting fussy.

So my friend so kindly offered for me to stay in her bed while she was away, and after a week has said she has bed bugs! I'm freaking out; I can't take them where I'm moving to! Can they live and travel in clothing?! If so, how can I get rid of them? If they're in one room of the house, are they usually in the other rooms too?
I have most of my clothes (everything I own) in another room and some in here, but I've brought some clothes from this infected room into the other room, will I have to treat those clothes as well?
Like I said, I'm freaking out!

I had been wondering if this spray could repel off active bed bugs during the night even though it was meant for outdoor insects. During night time even at 5 am whenever I start to lay down on my bed, these parasites begin crawling near me and I witnessed one on my mattress between my arm and face yet I still couldn't figure out where they came from. Then I recently stumbled on this video ( where these two guys used an Cutter Picaridin insect repellent and tested it on one arm and the bed bug reacted to it, only sucking his arm where he didn't use the repellent. So I brought Repel 100 hoping it could temporarily help since it claimed being long-lasting 100% DEET I could sleep knowing that it repels against them but on the product it mostly only labels insects like ticks, ghats, and fleas. Could it still work against bed bugs near your skin or clothes since bed bugs are parasitic insects?

I feel like my life is over. My biggest fear came true. So I've been noticing these bug bits lately and this morning around 3am I had them again. I thought they were just flea bites because our dogs have fleas. So I scanned my bed and found some blood stains. I turned on the light and found a dead bed bug on my arm (it was dried up). I want to go to my dads house but I don't want to spread the infestation. We don't have money to spend on a exterminator also! How could have I gotten them I haven stayed at any hotels.

Two days ago I woke up with awful bug bites – a lot of them. They are extremely itchy and spread all over. (About 8-10 on shoulders, 3-4 on my arms, 6-8 upper thighs, 8-10 lower legs/feet).

Here is an image of the cluster of bites on my shoulder;

I checked the bed fairly thoroughly and it seems ok. Also, my husband is fine. He has maybe one or two but we aren't sure if it was just mosquitoes or something from being outside. For me, I went to sleep totally fine and woke up with a cluster of very itchy bites all over.

So that night I checked the bed and all seemed fine. I wore long pants and a shirt to bed. I woke up ok…still itchy but no new bites.

That brings us to last night. I wore shorts and a long sleeve shirt to bed. And my legs and feet got 4-6 more. And again my husband was fine.

I am puzzled. Are these spiders? Small ticks? Bed bugs? And most importantly, if someone could help me to get rid of them, I would be so grateful!

-The Itchy Canadian

I'll be going on a trip for 2 weeks and I am nervous about bed bugs and bought a travel bed bug spray. How do you apply it on a mattress at a hotel and where do you do it on the mattress????? thank you!!!!!!!

Ok. So in Early march I was getting bitten at night and could not determine what it was, one night sitting on the couch in the dark I captured a little bug. I had the pest control people come out and they said it was a bed bug nymph. But they could not find any evidence in the house of anymore, even the bed bug dog could not sniff them out. We had just bought a used sofa off of craigslist and also moved into this new rental home so we got rid of the couch and hoped that was where the problem was and not that the previous tenants had left them. We did not get bit anymore since them. So I have found some bites on me the last week or 2 that I assumed were mosquito bites being june and all. But last night I turned on the bedroom light and pulled back the covers and found an adult bed bug scurrying accross the sheets. I have kept him and have the pest control people coming out saturday to recheck everything. Could it be they hibernated? Could he be the only one left? Any advice or help would be appreciated.

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