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So about some months ago I had bed bugs in my bed. But during the winter the bugs seemed to have been inactive, probably because we turned on the heater so I thought the problem was gone. But as we turned on the a/c the bugs decided to pay a visit. So I threw out the bed and the frame and cleaned my room as best as I could with alcohol. I've been sleeping on the couch for maybe 2 months and a half. But now they have decided to make a come back with the couch. So I heard using steam may be a resolution ? In short what should I buy and what kind. And how to steam. I already know about 200f tip and 5% water tip anything else ?

I'm a college student and I brought all my stuff home for the summer, unknowingly into a bed bug infestation! In a few weeks I'm getting my own apartment, the only things I'm bringing are books jewelry boxes random stuff but no furniture, clothes laptop backpack and some glass dishes. I'm so scared to bring the bugs to my new place hire contagious are they? I haven't been living there but my stuff is there ave there's five people living there. Every time I come over I get bit just sitting on the couch. Any advice? Can they get into electronics? Well they really be in my books and paper things? I'm terrified and a poor college student my family is to proud to admit the problem

I have tried everything! Is there anyway to get rid of bed bugs? They keep coming back. I got this spray from Home Depot and spray the mattress. However, those pesky things come back eventually. What's the permanent way to solve this issue. And if I do need to get a new mattress, what steps should I take so bed bugs don't return once I have acquired the new bed? Any tips will help! Btw, what's a good way to treat these bites? I know this is gross but would hydrocortisone work? Any help is appreciated ! Thanks.

I currently have a bed bug problem in my apartment and am in the process of dealing with it. I recently got the box spring and mattress encasements for my bed. I have a mattress pad that is thera pedic foam I believe and it sits on top of the mattress. My question is whether or not I need to put the mattress cover over both the mattress and mattress pad or not. Right now it is but I find that the mattress pad is much hotter with the cover over it and makes it harder to sleep. Anyone have any insight on this?

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