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If you find that you have a flea or tick infestation in your home or on your dog or cat, call Ameritech Flea and Tick Control 817-589-2844 or 214-589-2844. One of the first thing they will do is to control the number of fleas and ticks in your home condo or apartment. Some of the methods that they will recommend to after treatment is to clean the carpets, infested rugs, your pet’s bedding and any other fabrics that may be infested. Wash them in hot soapy water and run them in the dryer on high heat to kill the eggs and the pests themselves. This will control the infestation. You should also vacuum often the areas that have been infested in order to get rid of eggs and pests that may be present or breeding in these areas, make sure you empty the vacuum each time and empty it outside in the trash.

Ensure that you dispose the vacuum bag to prevent reintroducing the eggs or the pests in another area in your home. Ameritech Flea and Tick Control of Dallas Fort Worth with over 50,000 customers since 1982 will use special chemicals and will take special care of your pets and small children. This is to avoid mistakenly poisoning our pet or children. You may also use special soaps and detergents that contain pesticides. These are milder than chemical pesticides and may be safer. You may also use herbal flea powder and natural herbal products such as lemongrass, cedar wood oils, peppermint, rosemary or thyme which are safe options. It is also important to comb your pet’s fur using a fine toothed comb. This will help in ridding you pet of fleas.

Once you have gotten rid of the fleas and ticks from your home, you can take some measures to prevent them from coming back. You can take them to a vet who will dip your pets in a pesticide solution to prevent a re-infestation. You should also get a professional pest control company to treat your home, both the interior and any exterior areas such as where the pest love to rest to prevent fleas and ticks from coming back to your home. Repair any cracks and crevices in the home so that ticks do not have a hiding place in your home or on your dog or cat.


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